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pirmdiena, 2014. gada 11. augusts


It`s very useful to show creative and beautiful things which has created someone else from all around the world. Just enjoy my amazing finds in Etsy which are summarized in treasury list-Dreamers.

1.Knit bunny from Daisy Belle Design. 2.Origami paper lamp from TwReborn1. 3.Dried flower bouquet from Flower Decoupage. 4. Bookmark with quote from Pemberley Pond. 5.Bubble shorts from Mimii Kids. 6.St.Peter street photography from Jillian Audrey Designs. 7.Dream catcher from Kelli Murray art. 8. 5poms from Pom Love. 9.Table from Jubka.  10. Leather wrap journal from Jackdaw Bindery.
11.Watercolor print from Donnedispirito. 12. Heart shape home decor from Prettym shop.

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